Festival FAQ`s

Festival FAQ


When does the Festival take place?


The Festival takes place June 3 & 4, 2022.


Where will the Festival be held?


The Festival is held on Jones Lake.  The Athlete’s Village for our teams is situated at he bottom of Parlee just below Hillcreast School.


You can access the Festival site off St. George Blvd.


Who will race and when?


High School teams race on Friday afternoon, beginning at about 4:00pm and finishing before sunset.  Corporate and Community teams take to the water early Saturday morning, starting at about 9:00am and racing until 2:00pm.


I thought Dragon Boats were associated with breast cancer?


Some Dragon Boat festivals do focus on breast cancer survivors.  Our Festival is a major fundraiser for the Lions Sick Children’s Fund.  Having said that, we do have a breast cancer survivor team category.  We also hold a traditional carnation ceremony on Saturday mid-way through the event.


How many people do you need to make a team?


There are 20 paddlers in a boat, plus a drummer and a steersperson.  We will provide the steersperson for you!  We also recommend that you have one or two extra paddlers for substitutions throughout the day.


Why do we need a drummer?


The drummer helps keep the rhythm of the stroke which helps your team paddle together.  That is the key to success – teamwork!  We usually recommend that your drummer be one of your lighter weight paddlers, as well as someone who is comfortable in a boat.


What does a Team Captain do?


The Team Captain is your leader.  He or she will make sure you have enough paddlers and a drummer.  The Team Captain will share Festival information with the team and help them get ready for the big day.  The Team Captain is also responsible for making sure each paddler signs a waiver form before practice.


Do we need a Pledge Coordinator?


Yes – your Pledge Coordinator will collect all monies raised by the team and forward them to the GMDBF.  The Pledge Coordinator is sometimes the same person as the Team Captain, but the Pledge Coordinator doesn’t necessarily have to be a paddler on your team!


How do we register our team?


All you have to do to register is go to www.gmdbf.ca and fill in the online registration form. Please be sure to give us accurate contact information so we can share important updates with you as the Festival approaches.


How much is the registration fee?


Community & Corporate teams must pay a $600 Registration fee.  The registration fee for High School teams is $200.  Registration fees go toward the operating costs of the festival and are not eligible for a charitable receipt.   


How much do we have to raise?


All teams must raise a minimum of $1800 in pledges. At first this sometimes seems difficult, but with more than 20 person per team, that’s less than $100 each to raise!


Prizes are given to the top individual and the top team fundraisers.


Where does the money all go?


60% of the funds raised go to support the Lions Sick Children’s Fund.  The other 40% goes to a charity of your team’s choice.  High Schools may also designate their 40% toward safe grad activities.


What if we are short a paddler for our team?


If you are short a paddler, let our committee know by emailing us at carole.murphy@nbcc.ca.  We will try to match you with single paddlers who contact us.


I would like to paddle.  Can I join a team?


If you would like to join a team, please contact us at carole.murphy@nbcc.ca.  We will try to match you with a team that is short paddlers.  Single paddlers may be asked by the team they join to help with fundraising.


I’ve never been in a dragon boat!  Do we get to practice?


Yes!  Practices will be held the week before the event.  Practice times are now posted so please contact chris.west@nbed.nb.ca. Each team will have one practice session before the event.  No experience is necessary!


Will there be something for children to do at the Festival?


We encourage you to bring your family to watch the races.


Will there be food at the Festival?


Yes, we have a variety of vendors offering food and beverages at the festival.


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