How To Create A Team

How to create a team:  Everything you need to know!

Here are the ingredients that make a great Dragon Boat Team:

  • A Team Captain to organize, lead and motivate!
  • A Pledge Coordinator who will receive pledges and encourage the team as they work toward their fundraising goals.
  • A Drummer who will dress with team spirit and keep a steady rhythm from the start line to the finish line.
  • 20 Paddlers who enjoy the power of working together in unison.


Team Captains can register online by clicking the link on the left.  Have questions?  Email us at or


Once you are registered, we will be in regular contact with you to make sure that you have all the information you need as you prepare for Race Day.  We'll let you know when Team Captain information meetings will be held, how to book a pratice slot the week before the event, and what to bring to the Festival.

As you recruit paddlers, you will want them to sign a waiver form. Every paddler must have a waiver form signed before they can take to the water during practice week.

The Bank of Montreal is our official financial institution.  All funds (registration and pledges) can be deposited into a Greater Moncton Dragon Boat Festival Account at any BMO Bank of Montreal location. 

Registration Fee and Pledge Account:  #8089-089

Deposits can also be e-transferred to Carm Golding, our treasurer, at using the password Dragonboats.

Be sure to identify your TEAM NAME when you make a deposit so it can be credited to you.  Also, please ensure that any pledge monies you deposit match the Pledge Form.  You should keep a copy of the pledge form for your own records, and forward one copy to us by email or regular mail so we can confirm your pledge deposit.

 **If you have difficulty getting to the bank to deposit your pledges, contact us! We will arrange to have them picked up and deposited to your team’s credit.


Donations can also be accepted online!  Go to the link below and pledge by credit card or interac direct payment.  Be sure to put your team name in the Comments section so we can direct the payment/pledge to the correct account!

Click here to donate

 Register your team and get started today!


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