Rules of the Dragon Boat

Moncton Dragon Boat Festival

Rules of Racing


1.     General


1.1.          The dragon boat races shall be under the supervision and control of the Chief Race Official who shall retain authority over all matters related to racing.


2.     Team Composition


2.1.1.     A crew must have a minimum of 6 females, this may include the drummer but NOT the steersperson.


2.1.2.   The drummer and steersperson for any crew may be male or female.


2.1.3.   The minimum for any crew is 14 paddlers, a drummer and a steersperson.


2.1.4.    The minimum age for a participant is 12 years old. 

3.     Safety


3.1.          All participants must wear a certified PFD (Personal Flotation device). Personal PFD's may be used so long as it is Canadian Coast Guard Approved.


3.2.          All participants are strongly discouraged from taking any kind of valuable or electronic device on board with them as there is a possibility of these items getting wet from paddling or during capsize. 


3.3.          Unless absolutely necessary and under the control of the coach, it is strictly forbidden for a paddler to stand up in the boat for risk of capsizing (especially at the finish of a race)


3.4.          Any participants injured or who become ill during the festival are to report to medical staff immediately. If the condition is serious, medical staff may restrict a participant from continuing in the festival. Their decision is final.


4.     Racing


4.1.          All teams will race three times. This includes two heats and a final. The fastest of the two heat times will used to place teams into the finals. All teams will race their first two heats before the lunch break. During the lunch break the race officials will create the race program for the finals. The slowest  3 times of the day will be in the first race of the finals, followed by the next 3 times. The last two races will feature the top 6 times from the heats. These six teams are in the "Championship Final", and are racing for the title of the Moncton Dragon Boat festival, the second place team will receive silver medals, and the third place team will receive bronze medals.


4.2.   The starting procedure shall be "all Paddlers Ready", followed by “Attention Please”, followed by a shot or air horn. Any team caught false starting will receive a 2 second penalty.


4.3.          All crews must remain in their lane for the duration of the race. Leaving your lane may result in a 2 second penalty at the discretion of the chief race official.


5.     Etiquette


5.1.          All participants are expected to treat the officials, organizers, volunteers, their fellow competitors and spectators with respect. Any abuse of this fact witnessed during the festival is to be reported to the organizing committee who will review the situation and take appropriate action that may include expulsion of a participant or crew from the festival.


5.2.          All crews are expected to respect the rules and regulations of racing and the judgment of the officials. Un-sportsmanlike towards the officials in this regard may bring about further penalty and risk disqualification the infracting crew. 






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