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Team Captain
Bruce All Mighty Lynn Brine
RBC Fire Breathing Bankers Chris Smith
WOW Women of the Wilderness Donna Cruickshank
Co-operGators Nora LeBlanc
Caledonia Regional Kate Godbout
Who Shore Daddy? Charley Howatt
RHS Royal Rush Chris Leger
‘Tit Bateau Beth Fox
ACOA's Uncivil Serpens Rose Croteau
Royal Storm Elizabeth Davis
Golden Guardians Elizabeth Davis
NBCC Shiners Lynda Leger
Wawanesa Water Damage Sylvie Despres
The Royal Renegades Armand Doucet
Trojan Warriors Yvan Pelletier
CC Tree Dragons Sarah Armstrong
Ships & Giggles Grace Constantine
Asurion Boat Busters Larry Lane
Women Alike Abreast a River Darlene Benoit
THE CROWS Annamarie Boyd
HTHS GRADS #1 Laura Petersen
HTHS GRADS #2 Laura Petersen
Cumberland "Y Not" Dragon Boat Team LauraAshley Farrow
Knot Too Bad Julie Jones
Incredibles Julie Jones
Poseidon's Pirates Julie Jones
Guardians Julie Jones
Smoke on the Water Julie Jones
Shipwreck Julie Jones
Salty Buoys Julie Jones
La Patri-flotte Lise OuelletCormier
Wave Check Sam Maillet
The Rowmantics Jessica Adams
Anchor Management Dan StOnge
Row Cap Colleen Cruickshank
Tangerine Isabelle Lavoie
Draggin my Boat Christopher West
Lil Boat Chris West
Seaduction Chris West
Fish-izzle Chris West
Usain Boat Chris West
Ready Oar Knot Chris West
Chef Boatoardee Chris West
Rugby Rowers Chris West
Knot Really Shore Chris West
The Codfather Chris West
Banana Boat Chris West
Royal Reign Melanie Mealey
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